Ruggedly Graceful

Sports have become a co-ed arena lately, yet men still appear to be dominated by men. Those men are seldom described as beautiful, yet they are often ruggedly graceful. A woman’s graceful movements on and off a sports field are considered part of her beauty. A man’s graceful movements are not. This disconnect keeps men from being designated as beautiful yet, their movements can be just as graceful as any woman’s. While many of them might shy away from being called beautiful due to this trained attribute, it is one that should be considered.

Grace in movement is about training muscles to work in a certain way. A person must exert control until their body learns each movement perfectly. Once the lessons have been learned, most movements will be done without conscious thought. The failure to label this particular attribute correctly could almost be considered a prejudice, yet it does have people able to appreciate it.

Beauty does have its own definition for each person, yet excluding men from this particular category seems unfair. While they may be described as handsome or hot, it does not cover everything that may contribute to the way they look and move. When a man has worked hard to train their body to be graceful in life, defining them as beautiful should be a compliment.