Aging Attractively

Maturity is looked down upon in many societies when it comes to women. Fortunately for men, the opposite is often true. Men are somehow allowed to show the signs of aging that women cover up. It may be that many believe they look better when older, but it could also just be that the ability to survive in the environment has made their aging acceptable. For those men aging attractively, there are many women more than willing to give them a second look.

Gray hairs are often covered up by women, but many men still leave theirs in place. It is true that only in recent decades have hair dyes been specifically formulated for men. It might have seemed many men would have covered up their grey hairs, yet that does not appear to be the case in modern society. Many men proudly wear their grey as a mark of their aging, and plenty of women seem to find it attractive.

Wrinkles are a common sign of aging in humans, yet women seem to be the ones hiding them and finding ways to maintain youthful looks. A man with a collection of wrinkles on his face will be said to look like an outdoorsman. A woman may be seen as old. This distinction gives men yet one more point in the beauty category that women are unable to touch. Some women look for mature men with their own collection of facial wrinkles. They may be attracted to their maturity, or they might just think the wrinkles tell an interesting story of a life of adventure.

There are still many differences between men and women when it comes to aging. Women without grey hair or wrinkles are said to be aging well. The opposite appears to be true about men. While not all people hold these beliefs, enough do to make it noticeable. Perhaps one day women with grey hair and wrinkles will be considered to be aging attractively just like men.