Conscious Acts

Few people link physical beauty with a person’s personality, yet it can be a good definition for a truly beautiful person. No matter how gracefully they move, no matter how symmetrical their features, beauty can exist outside those parameters. This is the definition of beauty outside the physical. It is about conscious acts of how a person behaves in life, in society, and with others. It may be what can most accurately define a man, yet it is never referred to as being beautiful.

Women who are kind may not have the most symmetrical features or graceful movements, but those can be excluded when it comes to beauty. Their innate acts of kindness toward others are often considered to be more important than their physical appearance. Men face an uphill battle in this arena of life, but many of them may never consciously realize it. They would rather be called a good guy than a beautiful man.

Societies have often shaped how their members perceive concepts, and these perceptions are handed down through the generations. Men are often taught they are expected to be strong physically. Their looks can be important when it comes to achievements, but they are often dismissed as unimportant. Acts of kindness may be expected of a man in some societies, but others could see them as a weakness. Navigating through these definitions can rob men and their fellow society members of an opportunity to appreciate a new aspect of defining beauty.

There are few men who would wish to be called beautiful, and that may even include in the classic sense of a perfectly shaped body and face. For those open to new ideas, defining beauty in men still has a long way to go. It may not be quite the same beauty that women struggle to achieve, but it could be a beauty that can outlast the current definitions available.